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model before you build
simulate before you produce
anticipate and solve before they occur

NEXT REALITY is a company with an interdisciplinary team and network from the areas:
architecture, urban design, urban environment, design, psychology and sociology.

The Virtual Reality technology is an innovative, interactive medium to represent reality and consider new ideas. We focus VR particularly on two areas:
first, in the integration and optimization of environmental aspects in architecture and urban development and second in the creation of immersive worlds as an experience and learning area which is able to inspire touch and move.

We use immersive virtual reality as a way to communicate with people and not just as an end in itself. This understanding of VR makes possible, in a new and effective way, through the experience (interaction), to learn to extend knowledge, test new behaviours and to investigate new fields. We use an immersive stereoscopic 4 wall system. The technical installation depends on the elected versions of an immersive virtual reality system (IVRS). The lowest version is a single wall installation with a user tracking system.

Support and realization:

We support and realize projects
in architecture, town and environmental planning for complex spatial situations and environmental optimization.

We realize virtual worlds
in the fields of edutainment, art, therapy and medicine.

We work as close as possible with you to enlarge your possibilities of using VR.

We are independent to choose any hardware and software products.

More information and projects

Bahnhofstr. 22
70183 Herrenberg

phone: +49 (0) 7083 9508312

Professor Dipl.- Ing.
Constantin Boytscheff

mobil: +49 (0)176 52813959
mail: cb(at)nextreality.de

Dipl.- Ing.
Marilu Kanacri Sfeir
Architektur, Stadtplanung & PE

phone: +49 (0)172/ 7 55 99 71
mail: mk(at)nextreality.de