3D-Geo Information Systems for Urban Planning and Design (3D-GIS)

This projekt is jointly carried out by the University of Rostock, Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformatics, and the University of Stuttgart, Institute for Planning and Design. Subject to research are fundamental 3D-concepts in GIS and their application in urban planning. The project, founded by German research association, aims to develop a conception for and to implement a prototype of a 3DGIS for urban design and planning.

The contents are structured in four chapters. The first chapter, basics, sets the context and explains our research interest. The chapters concept and application demonstrate aspects of our current work and the last chapter, outlook, describes our future research agenda..

Important: these pages, provide access to 3D-models (as VRML 2.0). They require a VRML 2.0 capable browser (plugin). We used CosmoPlayer (available for SGI, Windows 95, Windows NT). For other operating systems we recommend this list.

The following table of contents provides an overview of all pages and is accessible via the "orientation" button at any time. The frames at the upper and left margins allow for stepwise viewing and exploration of the pages according to chapters and subchapters.

Basics Concept Application Outlook


Previous Projects


Project Outline

Project Partner



Visualization and Functionality

Urban Object Space

Planning Scale

Geometric Models





Capture of 3D-Data

Urban planning analysis




Environmentally Oriented Urban Development

Application in VR